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RM100 Gift Card


Make healthier food choices as a gift for your loved ones.


A Clean Eats Gift

Clean Eats RM100 Gift Card lets you encourage friends and family during gifting season to make healthier food choices.

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Wholesome Food

100% Real Ingredients

Our food stays alive to preserve the best taste profile
yet sustain natural benefits.

Wholesome Ingredients

100% Clean Label

No unnecessary preservatives added

We stand for clean labelling

Using only minimal and easy-to-recognize ingredients to further build on our commitment towards real food

Locally Crafted

Artisanally Made.
We dedicated to our community
All of our ingredients are grown and produced locally

Taste the difference!


Premium with Convenience

A taste of premium at home. We know your busy schedule. Make life easier while you have a peace of mind.


per pack only

Be Less Wasteful & Eco-friendly

Spend only for what you’ll be cooking.

Researches show about 92% consumers do not finish groceries before expiry date.


One Pack Endless Possibilities

Unlimited Chef Recipes

Let us show you

how easy to recreate different dishes


All you wish to know about our chicks

Do you cover Penang?

Yes, we do. PENANG ISLAND coverage is next-day delivery (except Balik Pulau, Batu Maung, Batu Ferringhi). MAINLAND coverage is delivered via DD express (Nibong Tebal, Raja Uda, Bukit Mertajam etc).

When will you deliver to us?

We will deliver to you next-day by our own delivery fleet if you are in Penang Island. If you are in Peninsula Malaysia, we deliver via DD express frozen to you within 2-3 days.

Do you cover Klang Valley?

Yes. We deliver to Klang Valley via DD express for a flat fee of RM30 regardless of purchase.

How do I order?

Do gladly message us on whatsapp, we would love to help you!

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