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Meal Prep CheatSheet™ Set


Meal prepping and one-pan dinners have never been this easy. Pop this silicone baking sheet into the oven and never have to wash any baking trays again!

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Oven Cooking, Reimagined

Cheat Sheet for Meal Prep Malaysia | Buy Online

Introducing CheatSheet™

a completely new approach to sheet pan cooking

Silicone dividers that will streamline your cooking and divide your ingredients, to make one-pan meals and meal prepping a breeze.

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non stick
eco friendly
Eco Friendly

Meal Prep made easy

Cheat Sheet for Meal Prep Malaysia | Buy Online

CheatSheet™ are made for meal prep

Modular dividers for better organization and control

Fits up to 2x small & 2x large on 30L oven baking tray. You’ll have everything you need to prep for yourself or a couple’s meal.

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Keep Em’ Separated

Keep Em Seperated

Multiple your Serving

Cook up to 4 person meals* with 2 sets

Easily separate ingredients and flavors without having them mingle.


Separation also comes in handy for families with different preferences, allowing you to create different portions for those with special dietary requirements or specific tastes – because not everybody likes pineapple on their pizza.

Zero Waste, Zero Mess

Aluminum foil and parchment paper are hugely wasteful and non-recyclable. Oven pans are also hard to clean, collecting stains and grime with every meal.

Cheat Sheet for Meal Prep Malaysia | Buy Online

Never have to scrub another pan again

Save tonnes of wasted paper and foil

Cheat Sheets are naturally non-stick so clean-up is a breeze. They’re also dishwasher safe!

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Measure your baking tray for a more accurate fit.

Product Specs

Meal Prep CheatSheet Measurement


contains 2 Large & 2 Small Modular

Easily fits a 28L or 30L conventional oven (based on Khind best selling model).


Length: 24 cm
Width: 11.5cm
Depth (Thickness): 3cm


Length: 11.5cm
Width: 11.5cm
Depth (Thickness): 3cm

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