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The Meal Prep

New Launch

Healthy Meal

that ready to eat within 5-mins

Storage Shelf Life

Chiller 5Days
Freezer 90Days

Microwave Heating




Cut Open. Put Vacuum Pack in Microwave.

Hot Water Heating




Soak Vacuum Pack in 100°C Water at Container. Repeat 2nd time when serve.

Available in 3 Diet Types

Carb vs Protein ratio servings is different.

Keto has mains which are low in non-fibre carbs (such as soluble fibre/veggies).


Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet Meal | Clean Eats | Healthy Meal Prep Ready to Eat Malaysia

45% Carbs

Low Carb

Weight Loss Diet

Low Carb Meal | Clean Eats | Healthy Meal Prep Ready to Eat Malaysia

30% Carbs


Carb-less Diet

Keto Meal | Clean Eats | Healthy Meal Prep Ready to Eat Malaysia

5% Carbs

Meal Plan Packages

Diet Type

Normal, Low Carb, Keto

Meal Plan Type

7-meal, 14-meal, 21-meal

Low Carb

Frequently Asked Questions

Our meals are strictly pork-free & alcohol-free.

All of our ingredients are also ethically sourced from our Halal suppliers (Ayam Al Hilal Sdn Bhd, MS 1500:2009).

HALAL Certificate | Sous Vide Chicken Breast | Clean Eats Malaysia

No! Absolutely not.

In most cases, Frozen is even better than fresh, according to Healthline and major scientific journal.


Frozen food ≠ Processed food.

The bad reputation and misconception surrounding it is due to most frozen food (>90%) on shelves are processed food (psst, that’s how big brands make profit). Our frozen food are 100% whole food with real ingredients.

No. Please don’t.

Nutrition, taste and texture will further lost if you do so. Please straight microwave/hot water bath to prep the meals.

Cooking is NOT required.

Pre-cook and ready-to-eat. You may reheat it using microwave method or hot water bath method. Ready meals within 5 mins!

Pop it with your favorite veggies under for a quick yet balanced meal.

Average calorie of each meal is 340kcal – 600kcal.

You may check each meal’s calorie under product description.

Fuss-free tasty healthy meal

Trust us to give you the best yet most convenience way to enjoy healthy meals! Say “bye-bye” to undecisive lunch time, trashy fast food and instant noodles.

Frozen Delivered

Our meals are packed in heat-resistant vacuum pouch which are microwavable.

Precise Nutrition

Be sure that your calorie intake is always under our wings.

Normal / Low Fat

Average 550 kcal with 30% protein, 45% carbs

Low Carb

Average 550 kcal with 45% protein, 30% carbs


Average 300 kcal with 40% protein, 0% carb

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